I just wanted to tell you that you’re not alone. My mom died back in 2001 when I was 21. Two https://luckystriketattoo.ca/ years later my 19 year old brother died, then 2 1/2 years after that my aunt died- the day after my son turned 2yrs old. My mother passed away in Dec 2020 because of Covid complications.

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  • One of them is «too many details».
  • If not, maybe it’s a failed work.
  • Why would we subject ourselves to being near our abuser and our family that knew and did nothing?
  • I’ve been honest, with her for years, about my angry feelings, to no avail.
  • Also, if you’re not happy with our posting here about Art Bell, why don’t you update your blog to reflect these feelings???

I have never been treated like this. I want to ask why and how could you?? So I reassure myself that I am a good person with worth and I’m better than them. I’d never treat another person like this. Getting over the shock and hurt, but it’s easier knowing I’m not alone.

Changing Family Dynamics:

If somebody has passed in your life and you don’t have closure, this process is one way to help you get to it. It’s not like you’re really talking to them. I’m not here to say that it is or isn’t. I’m here to say that how your brain processes it is the most important.

To Release Grief And Sorrow

I guess I must not be a «risk taker» like Art. I guess, if my husband dies I should leave the morgue and head straight for the chat rooms to find myself a new hubby, so I’m not a weird person who doesn’t get that life is short. I guess if that happened, I should be a selfish pig and jump straight into bed with someone I met in the hospital nursery. Since I’m only 39, I’d have to go straight to the incubators to find a mate young enough to be as good as Art Bell. God, this whole thing is so sickening….

We Relate To How They Died

Those negative posts above are so very mean to you. Ramona’s on another plane of life and wishes your life here to be full and meaningful. With Art’s money, once he starts pushing up daisies. Even if she stays with Art the next 15 to 20 years, she will be young enough to still enjoy life in a youthful state of 40 something. She was a devoted aunt to her 3 yr old nephews and so thoughtful and generous. They adored her, but Art wasn’t as engaged nor comfortable around young children.

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He could have died before I ever got a chance to talk to him or reconnect. But for some reason, the universe lined this stuff up. My brother called me out of the blue and said what was happening, so I took that as an opportunity to reconnect with my dad.

Partly due to his cancer my husband took out his pain by psychologically and emotionally abusing myself and my boys for several years. I knew he was depressed and could not cope and we did what we could to help him but maybe he never could see it. His family constantly refused to help and we know now they were turning him against us- how can you win? To make matters worse he lied about us at the end saying we had never helped him and neglected him. His family believed it and then started a never-ending stream of harassment and abuse.

The Regrets And Leftover Emotions After Someone Dies

Most of the time, he talked about himself and about how he thought she was his soulmate. He says that she loves him and that she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. BUT, of course, Big Fan claims that just about everyone in his family has sleep apnea, so what the hell do I know??? Why, he held his breath for THREE WHOLE MINUTES–clearly causing himself SEVERE brain damage in the process–just to prove me wrong. Some of the ones I read yesterday were from an imposter. To humor her husband, Ann spent the night at the Wellstar Sleep Disorder Center at Wendy Hill in Atlanta, where she, too, was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

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